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Top Christmas flowers to gift this year in Hanoi

Christmas decorations are a key part of the festive season. From gifting bouquets and plants to loved ones to making them part of your home decor, there has never been a better time to invest in seasonal blooms.

From bold red flowers to dark green foliage, or even brightly coloured bouquets, it’s certainly a great way to add a little festivity, joy and colour to your home. And when you order them online, it’s a hassle-free task too!

When cared for correctly, many blooms will also last for the festive season, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty and fragrances day after day. This makes them a fantastic choice for sprucing up your home, or as a gift for somebody else.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve listed a handful of the most popular and traditional Christmas blooms and plants to pick from this year…

1. Red roses

Red rose Christmas flowers Hanoi

Red roses are not just given on Valentine’s Day – they’re a popular option in the festive months too. In fact, they’re seen as staples for Christmas bouquets, including those available for same day delivery on Hanoiflowershop.

Their vivid hues are the perfect addition to a festively-themed home, especially when teamed with seasonal gold foliage and green berries – a classic Christmas colour combination. Freshly cut red roses can last up to a week or more when cared for correctly and placed in a vase of fresh water.

You will therefore want to plan your delivery carefully if you want them to provide the backdrop to your Christmas dinner!

2. Orchids

White orchids for Christmas flowers Hanoi

Orchids are a unique, yet festive addition to the home. They’re often added to elegant bouquets and given as Christmas gifts.

They boast a series of decorative, elegant flower spikes and add a gorgeous texture and interest to a variety of flower arrangements, including those available for same day delivery from Hanoiflowershop. Those sporting white hues are particularly popular at Christmas time, as they add a snowy aesthetic to festive bouquets.

Cut orchids have a great vase life, with stems lasting an impressive four weeks. This makes them the ideal option for Christmas decorations, as they won’t wilt before the festive season is over.

3. Poinsettia

Poinsettia bouquet Hanoi

Another top trending bloom for Christmas is the Poinsettia. In fact, it is one of the most iconic festive plants available. Boasting traditional Christmassy hues of red and green, it is festive foliage at its best! If you’d prefer to enjoy more subtle tones, these blooms are also available in shades of pink and white.

Although native to Central America – where it is believed the blooms were gifted to the baby Jesus – these blooms flower well in the months of winter. When in full-bloom the Poinsettia prefers bright, indirect light and a good level of humidity.

4. Christmas Foliages

Christmas foliage Hanoi

Although not flowers or plants, Christmas foliages are the final ingredients for making a bouquet look truly festive.

Foliages like pine cones and berries really enhance Christmas bouquets, giving them a natural, evergreen look that’s welcome during the cold nights of winter. Similarly, spruce is a beautiful addition, as it’s reminiscent of Christmas trees and winter forests. Finally, gilded leaves of plants like eucalyptus a touch of festive sparkle to any Christmas flowers.

Take a look at our magical collection of Christmas flower arrangement, specially designed by our team for Christmas 2021. Order Christmas flowers today and deliver a gorgeous bouquet full of all of the rich colours of Christmas direct to their door, with same day and next day delivery available plus get free cards with selected Christmas flowers.


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